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Nothing makes us happier than hearing that our products are helping you!  

The Sun Stick is the only suncreen product I use on my face because the ingredients are natural, it’s effective and it doesnt make me oily. Give it a try!
Your sun stick is saving my face today!
Your blemish stick is a life saver! Works like a charm! I love it!

Have a Healthy, Strong and Beautiful day!


At home with Blossom co-creator Claire Bryétt Andrew

We joined Claire Bryétt Andrew at her whimsical home nestled in Topanga California, to get a glimpse into her life...


Her morning begins as the sun rises over the canyon...the chickens begin to cluck, and the horses whinny for their breakfast.  

She wakes up in her silver Airstream (yes she lives in an Airstream on her property, how cool!), splashes her face with water, swipes on the Blossom Moisturizer and Sun Stick, and then heads out to do her morning farm chores.


Once the eclectic group of rescue animals are happy and fed, Claire heads back to her office, picking a few oranges on the way.


Her to do list for today involves working on the business side of Blossom and also preproduction for her upcoming film that she wrote and will be directing later this year, starring her sister Lily.  

 Claire and her sister Lily, holding their happy free range hens

Claire and her sister Lily, holding their happy free range hens

 Angus the mini pony and Pirate the one eyed rescue pup, exploring the garden

Angus the mini pony and Pirate the one eyed rescue pup, exploring the garden

She sips tea while excitedly talking about her film, and giggles as her giant tortoise tries to join the tea party, the chickens not far behind.  


Later today she has a photoshoot and then races off to acting class.  When asked how she handles her busy life, acting and film making career as well as her skin care line, she replies with a laugh and then answers "Lot's of prioritized nature time.  Whether it's farm chores, a hike, or gardening...and lot's of to-do lists!"...she giggles as she holds up her longgggg to-do list.  


Love is in the air!

Happy Valentines Day to all you Blossom beauties!  We hope your day is filled with all forms of love (especially self love!). 

blossom valentine.jpg

To show how much we love you, we would love to offer you 15% off your next Blossom purchase with the code VALENTINE15 xo

Cheers to a Healthy, Strong and Beautiful life!

The Blossom Life Company

Claire Bryétt Andrew & Dr. Susanne Bennett, Co-Creators

Vitamin Sea

The ocean is powerful.  It can reset your mood, energize you, cleanse, exercise, and heal.  You come out refreshed, salted, with beachy hair, and a happy soul.

Whether it be a quick dip, laps in a salt water pool, or by adding a splash of sea salt to your bath...try to add vitamin "sea" into your weekly health routine for stress relief, detoxification, and a dose of health promoting minerals.


Our Story

The Blossom Life company is an all natural, cruelty free, allergy sensitive skin care line, formulated with acne defying rosemary, cleansing witch hazel, and soothing edelweiss so your skin can be healthy, strong, and beautiful...but what inspired this creation?  How did it begin? 

This is our story...

It all started six years ago when fourteen year old Claire Bryétt Andrew was debilitated with allergies, after trying many doctors and different methods to no avail, she went to see Dr. Susanne Bennett, one of the country’s leading natural allergy specialists, to work on clearing up her inflamed and allergic skin, which was putting her life and dreams on hold as well as affecting her budding career as an actress.  

 Claire, age 14

Claire, age 14

Dr. Susanne understood that Claire’s skin issues were caused by many allergic inflammatory triggers from her diet and lifestyle which were also closely linked to her digestive, skin, lungs and endocrine system.  She helped Claire clear up her skin with a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes, allergy desensitization treatments, key nutritional supplements and the use of her own proprietary skin care line, PURIGENEX.  

Soon after, Claire’s sensitive, inflamed skin calmed down and revealed healthy, strong and beautiful skin in it's place, which she’s maintained ever since. 

 Claire, age 20

Claire, age 20

Finally - sweet skin relief!

Fast forward six years, inspired to help others with their skin issues, Claire and Dr. Susanne partnered to create The Blossom Life skin care line to help people of all ages achieve and maintain healthy, strong and beautiful skin for life. 


Claire and Dr. Susanne are dedicated to creating skin care products which are all natural, cruelty-free, safe for the environment, affordable, and most importantly, super effective! 

Blossom Benefits

The Blossom skin care line includes a foaming Cleanser, Herbal Blemish Stick, Moisturizer, and Sun Stick. 

They all work together like magic to kick bad skin to the curb for good!

  • Made with effective, all-natural ingredients only

  • Allergy sensitive and specially formulated to prevent acne, rashes and itchy skin

  • Cruelty-free (NEVER tested on animals)

  • Compact enough to throw into your carry-on bag for flights

  • Made in the US

The Routine

Each Blossom product can be purchased individually or as a bundle to get the most benefit and to save money. For the best results, follow our recommended Blossom skin care routine each morning (and evening if needed):

  1. Start by gently cleansing your face with one pump of Cleanser, then rinse thoroughly with water.
  2. Dab the Herbal Blemish Stick on any pimples, white or black heads, or uneven skin tone areas.
  3. Follow up by applying a bit of the Moisturizer all over your face and neck or just in dry areas.
  4. Then apply the Sun Stick to cheeks, lips and nose for extra moisturization and element protection.

Time to Blossom!

Everyone deserves to have healthy, strong and beautiful skin, and live their Blossom Life to the fullest.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave us a message in the comments section below.

Healthy, Strong and Beautiful,

xo Claire and Dr. Susanne

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