Blossom is an all natural line of allergy sensitive, cruelty free and earth conscious skin care products, that is dedicated to healing and nourishing your skin to be healthy, strong and beautiful. 

Creators, Claire Bryétt Andrew and Dr Susanne Bennett

An allergy sensitive girl and a natural allergist partnered together to create a company with environment, health and skin care in mind.

It all started...

six years ago when fourteen year old Claire Bryétt Andrew was debilitated with allergies, after trying many doctors and different methods to no avail, she went to see Dr. Susanne Bennett, one of the country’s leading natural allergy specialists, to work on clearing up her inflamed and allergic skin, which was putting her life and dreams on hold as well as affecting her budding career as an actress.  

Dr. Susanne understood that Claire’s skin issues were caused by many allergic inflammatory triggers from her diet and lifestyle which were also closely linked to her digestive, skin, lungs and endocrine system.  She helped Claire clear up her skin with a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes, allergy desensitization treatments and key nutritional supplements.

Soon after, Claire’s sensitive, inflamed skin calmed down and revealed healthy, strong and beautiful skin in it's place, which she’s maintained ever since. 


Healthy, Strong and Beautiful

Fast forward six years, inspired to help others with their skin issues, Claire and Dr. Susanne partnered to create The Blossom Life skin care line to help people of all ages achieve and maintain healthy, strong and beautiful skin for life.

Everyone deserves to have Healthy, Strong and Beautiful skin, and to live their Blossom Life to the fullest.